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Home & Auto Insurance in Painesville, Mentor & Lake County, OH

Multi-line Policies for Savings and Discounts Home & Auto

Most individuals have separate home insurance and auto insurance policies.  A common reason for this is that these individuals get different types of insurance from different companies.  Another reason is that most individuals don’t know that bundling can save significant amounts of money and provide powerful discounts. 

Most insurance companies offer multi-line policies for home and auto insurance and these policies almost always have similar benefits.  These benefits include reduced premiums, multi-vehicle or home discounts, and even non-insurance product perks.  At Makee Insurance Agency we provide these benefits but offer much more.  We educate you about your options and present you with discounts and savings that only agencies with coverage options from numerous companies are able to offer. 

Combining home and auto insurance policies saves time, money, and effort.  A single home and auto insurance policy consolidates insurance paperwork and communications.  It reduces costs and time spent understanding and maintaining coverage.  For these reasons and others, purchasing multi-line auto and home insurance policies is important.   

At Makee Insurance, we have a consultative approach to developing and maintaining policies.  We work with you directly to understand your needs and match these needs with optimal coverage.  We perform annual reviews of your policies and contact you regularly throughout the year to ensure that your coverage provides you with continuous protection and that you’re satisfied. 

Our expert specialists guide you through home and auto policy selection, purchase, and maintenance processes and provide ongoing support.  


What do Home & Auto Policies cover?  

Individual home insurance and auto insurance policies often provide general liability coverage, which frequently meets state-minimum requirements and little more.  When these individual policies are combined, the general liability protection they provide is often similar, despite benefits and discounts.  For some policyholders, this coverage adequately protects against risk.  However, for most policyholders it does not.

Selecting additional coverage options helps make home and auto policies complete.  At Makee Insurance we provide a host of coverage options that ensure your complete and ongoing protection from financial damages. 

These options include:

  • New-vehicle shopping services and benefits
  • Multi-vehicle or home discounts
  • Personal umbrella discounts
  • Comprehensive coverage discounts
  • Non-insurance related product/entity discounts – pets, vacations, travel and others
  • Nest-egg protection
  • Healthcare coverage benefits
  • Single deductibles
  • Emergency lockout coverage
  • Accidental death benefits
  • Airbag replacement from accidental deployment

Selecting coverage options can be complex and challenging.  This is one reason among many that speaking with a specialist before making home and auto coverage decisions is critical.  Our specialists have ninety five years of combined risk management experience and stay current on markets, industries, laws, and insurance needs that affect policies.  These specialists can help you select the right coverage for your needs and provide you with ongoing support.  


Why Makee Insurance?

We have delivered exceptional risk management solutions to individuals, families, and businesses for more than forty years.  We also have long-term relationships with numerous insurance carriers and a vast claims network.  Our experience allows us to match risk control needs with appropriate coverage options and process claims quickly and efficiently.  Our extensive coverage options enable us to minimize gaps in coverage for the lowest premiums.

We are collaborative.  We work with you to ensure that your coverage provides the protection you need, down to the last detail.  Our policies and services are proactive, which means that we protect you before risks become realities.  In addition, we are reactive.  This means that we requite renewals if rates increase or if violations fall off.  These are all expressions of our investment in your ongoing financial security and general wellbeing.

We are available to you when you need us, whether it’s online, over the phone, or in person.  We are all licensed agents, so we respond to inquiries quickly and constructively.  We do not have a CSR, so you do not have to endure transfers or wait for callbacks.  Also, we maintain a culture of efficiency and pleasantness.  In every interaction you have with us, we are gracious and informative. 

Our slogan is ‘Everything in Insurance,’ which means that we find a market for everything.  We treat each inquiry like a partnership and produce coverage options for every need.  To this day we have offered a quote to every individual or business that has requested a quote.

For more information or to find out about your policy options, please contact us.

Makee Insurance is proud to provide combined auto and home insurance solutions in Painesville, Mentor, Madison, Perry, Chardon, Cleveland, and surrounding areas in Ohio.